Fire Protection Information for Homeowners Lines

FireSafe® is designed to provide underwriters with timely, accurate information regarding risk of fire peril. The task of mitigating risk is a challenging one, particularly when evaluating the risk of fire peril. AudaExplore addresses this challenge with FireSafe®, an automated Fire Protection Information Service. FireSafe® provides an affordable solution for determining the appropriate homeowners premium.

Service options are as follows:

  • FireSafe® Online, a convenient, low volume way to request reports and receive instant response via the web. FireSafe® Online is the perfect tool for investigating problem policy applications.
  • FireSafe® Interactive, a real-time web service application that provides instantaneous reports for high volume, point-of-sale, or web based quoting applications.>/li>
  • FireSafe® Batch Service, a batch process designed for exception based re-underwriting projects. FireSafe® batch quickly identifies improperly classified properties and can report the information either in bulk or prior to policy renewal.

Whether you're interested in updating existing policies or using FireSafe® for new business applications, AudaExplore can accommodate your needs.

FireSafe Online

Instant Access to Fire Protection Reports

AudaExplore provides FireSafe® Online access to assign property specific fire risk. This information is delivered in a secure environment and can be viewed online or in printed format. FireSafe® Online is a simple and convenient way to access the FireSafe® service. Designed for both new applicant processing and web-based re-underwriting, the Online service is an affordable solution for managing low volume or single order policy applications.

FireSafe RiskScore

Fire Peril Model for Rating and Underwriting

FireSafe® RiskScore™ is a fire peril risk assessment tool for Homeowners and Dwelling Fire Insurance rating and underwriting. It represents the next generation of automated tools designed to accurately assign risk to your homeowners’ policies. The use of the FireSafe RiskScore Model is a notable improvement in the way that companies recognize and rate for fire protection at a property specific level. By considering certain differences in the construction of the insured home, its local demographic area, the drive distance to the responding fire station, as well as the fire fighting capabilities of the responder, you can achieve better segmentation of insured properties with respect to the fire peril and the risk these insured properties present.

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