Property Location Insight(SM)

Identifying Location-Based Property Risk

Property Location InsightSM (PLI) is a location-based, predictive model that enhances the performance of rating territories for homeowners insurance companies. PLI provides carriers with modeled location-based risk scores to more accurately align premiums with risk posed at a property address. By incorporating a comprehensive set of variables including weather, geography, and other location-based risk characteristics, PLI delivers individual scores by-peril, as well as a combined score for each requested property. These scores reflect the probability of loss attributable to fire, theft, liability, weather, water (both weather and non-weather related), and other non-cat events, allowing carriers to more accurately price and underwrite risk.

  • Assesses the location-specific risk for each policy
  • Produces by-peril and composite location-based scores at the property level
  • Supplements or replaces existing rating territories
  • Improves price segmentation, maximizes premium capture opportunities, and significantly improve loss ratios.

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