Virtual Inspection Intelligence

Drive-by property inspections are a significant business expense for insurance carriers, sometimes delivering only limited value to the risk assessment process. PropertyPoint delivers underwriting insight that provides value across the inspection process:

  • Reduce Inspection Expenses: PropertyPoint can serve as a filter for many of those properties where inspections are not necessarily required.
  • Identify Application Discrepancies: Promotes risk avoidance by identifying discrepancies during the home quoting process.
  • Improve Consumer Experience: Non-invasive solution relative to sending an inspector, on-site that provides actionable information.

PropertyPoint serves as a valuable point-of-sale tool that can provide an immediate return to your inspection process. PropertyPoint is currently available as a seamless turn-key web-based solution.

PropertyPoint Hail

Decision Intelligence for Homeowners Underwriting

Roughly 80% of damage to residential properties occurs on the roof. Hail is a major culprit, responsible for billions of dollars of property loss every year. Many times, damage to a roof (or siding) may go undetected or may worsen over time. Unfortunately, carriers often learn of these conditions after they are already bound to a new policy. PropertyPoint Hail is designed to address this problem, providing detailed hail intelligence to drive underwriting decision making before you bind a risk.

  • Enhance Underwriting Decision Intelligence: PropertyPoint Hail provides a modeled hail frequency score to better understand a property’s potential for future hail occurrence.
  • Improve Inspection Ordering Efficiency: Serves as a filter for your inspection process, delivering detailed historical hail occurrence at a property level.
  • Reduce Claims Expense: Promotes risk avoidance by identifying a property’s hail experience for a period of 36 months prior to policy inception.

PropertyPoint Hail is a valuable point-of-sale tool, providing the insight you need to make informed decisions on your property risk.

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